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Inverter Batteries in India are not just a means to cope up with superpower outages. In the modern epoch scenario, they are the essentials of urban households, a workplace and an industry.

In this Post we have created a great collection of Top 5 Best Inverter Battery. where you can get the most unique and good Inverter Battery for your Home. So Let’s Start

List of Top 5 Inverter Battery

1 . Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah,2 Year Warranty

Luminous power technologies is the leading supremacy and home electrical professional in india having a vast portfolio comprising of power back up mixtures such as ups, artilleries and solar employments to electrical provides such as fans, cables, buttons and guided lighting.

  • Balanced plate design for improved fee acceptance& excellent deep exhaust recovery
  • Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent accuse acceptance
  • Protects the make part of battery from corrosion, even in case of high-pitched voltage

2 . Luminous ExtraCharge EC18036 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Model iltt 18048 technology tall tubular replacement assurance 36 months inverter funding

600 va- 10 kva nominal voltage 12 volt is appropriate to 4-5 hrs back up( 3bhk residence)

Backup period loading 500 w 400 w 300 w 200 w 100 w span 2 hrs 10 pile 3 hrs 4 hrs 30 spates 7 hrs 30 spates 18 hrs 30

Spate technological items dry load replenished load overall dimensions of containers( mm) raise blame ooze mode accusing Length (+/- 3) mm diameter (+/- 3) mm meridian (+/- 3) mm starting frequency( amp) finishing proportion( amp) min.( Ma) max( ma) 33.0 57.0 503 189 411 15.1 7.6 126 504.

Back up age is under standard exam plights, may vary depending upon load sorts, temperature and ageing.

  • Balanced plate design for improved commission following& excellent late discharge, recovery
  • Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent cost adoption,
  • Designed to have a life of over 1250 cycles at 80% extent of removal( dod)- suitable for countries frequent power cuts,
  • Protects the lead-in part of battery from corrosion, even in situations of high-pitched voltage
  • For chastise fitment

3 . Exide SF-Sonic Oriental 12 150AH Inverter Battery

This battery boasts a special hybrid alloy organization that is best suited to withstand high temperatures. It has dual plate dissociation for double protection from shocks and tremors.

The exhibits swim/ float template to indicate electrolyte level position, which also acts as effective fume arrestors, increasing security. It is plant charged for ready use.

  • Type : professional tools
  • Inverter battery
  • Colour: blue and black

4 . Luminous Inverlast Battery 150Av/12V (White & Blue)

This is a luminous il 1800 battery which comes with a warranty of 18 months.

Made in Plastic, this Light Inverlast Battery features Extra Thick Selenium Grid that ensures long life. With an inverter subsistence of 150 AV, it is highly suitable for lighting, kindling and stationary lotions. Coming in shadow of White and Blue, the battery too comprises of two D-handles at the terminals so that you can easily pick and settle it in your electric shed.

  • Material: plastic & lead acid
  • Colour: white & blue
  • Item package quantity: 1
  • Warranty: 18 months

5 . Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

Very Low grade maintenance: special, hybrid composite system ,, high reliability and extended, cycles/second life: ribbed free polyethylene pocket sort separator together with texturized, glass matting- double garment disconnect protects the design against internal abruptly. Thick, plateful structure with special paste formulation.

  • Supports : Power Outage
  • Type : Batteries
  • Brand:Exide
  • Attractive pricing
  • Reliable performance

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