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Best Inverter Battery In India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Past days when a dominance trimmed meant that you had to abandon all your critical tasks and have no recourse apart from sitting at one place and hoping and crying for the power to return. The striking improvements in technology over the last 50 peculiar times has been pathbreaking and the level of convenience that we have today is only because of these accelerated improvements in the field of inverter technology.

Inverters have been steadily becoming more inexpensive and a large section of the Indian consumer market is now expending an inverter in case of accidental power sections. In numerous parts of India, the ongoing menace of a supremacy cut continues to be a genuine problem and “its not” surprising that countless genealogies have decided to consider using an inverter as their go-to residence appliance.

For those who don’t know, inverters necessitate separate artilleries and the quality of the batteries you are suing with your inverter makes a huge difference to the overall quality and performance of the device itself. The best inverter battery gives you a wide range of additional improvements that would not only increase the overall lifespan of your inverter but too lead to the better and more efficient utilization of electricity that ultimately helps you manage your proposals in a more optimal manner.

The purpose of this article is to give you the overall detailed characterization when it comes to the questions related to an inverter artillery so that you can get the most out of your invention and be in a better position to secure the best battery in India to complement your inverter model.

Things consider while buying the Inverter & Battery

We must always look for best inverter battery brands because guaranty, good customer service/ patronize, and safety are offered by the branded inverter batteries. Buying unbranded inverter battery for an inverter will be similar to betting hard-boiled made money on broths which are falling. The unbranded inverter battery may appear rewarding from the expenditure point of view. But it will not has become a right produce to use in terms of safety and it has not been able to assemble the requirement of standards. As per the place down criteria in India, the products without ISI mark increases the expenses due to service costs and other things. If one wishes for an inverter battery which has lower maintenance payments, then one should go for an inverter battery which is ISI approved and marked.

Battery Type

the two types of inverter artilleries are Tubular battery and flat illustration artillery. The pieces which are different them are premium, battery life, safe, upkeep, and effectiveness.

Backup in Hours

The number of backup hours is directly proportional to the required size of the battery.

Which is the Best Inverter Battery Brand ?

How to select best artillery for residence? It depends on couple of questions. How Much Battery capacity you required and which type of battery suitable for you.

How to calculate required battery capacity?

The battery identifies looks like Luminous 120 Ah Tubular Battery, Power Bank Series- 50 AH- You might wonder what are the terms AH or Ah. AH or Ah is an acronym for Ampere Hour, conveying the amount of current the artillery is available through for the specific duration. The formula to calculate the battery sizing is given below.

Battery Size= Total load in watts × Backup (hrs.)

it’s Very Simple and easy to calculate required battery capacity

Total load in Watts

It is the number of watts it was necessary to or machines in your residence exhaust. Say you want to backup 6 lamps of 40 watts each and 3 supporters of 75 watts. Then your successful capability requirement of the total consignment is 6* 40+ 3* 75= 465 Watts.


The voltage of artillery cell. Frequently, it is referred as Nominal voltage. Almost all of the top brands of artilleries have 12 V or 12 voltages. We guess 24 V and 48 V artilleries are not available in India

Backup in hours

A number of backup hours it was necessary to. Now you can clearly see as the number of backup hours increases the required artillery length also increases.

Types of Inverter Batteries

There are two types of batteries in the market namely Flat plate battery, Tubular battery. Each and every battery vary depending on its internal engineering used to store the current. The aspects which differ are safety, economy, battery life, maintenance, and premium.

Top 10 Best Inverter Batteries in India 2019

1 . Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V (White & Red)

Exide is one of the leading manufacturers of batteries for bicycle, auto, and trucks and they too develop some high-quality artilleries for the inverter. This artillery from Exide has the ability to store 150 ah capability and also it can be available in two colors and they are white and red. This has also come in compatible width and too the force of 6614 grams.

  • Color Name: White and red
  • Item Weight: 6614gms

2. Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

48 months assurance= 36+ 12 months, most parts of india suffer from power strokes and extreme voltage fluctuations. It is no wonder that a vast majority of indians is dependant on inverters to solve this problem. And to take care of this crucial need, they depend on a battery that won’t give them down. Amaron.

With a range of inverter batteries to suit differing needs and applications of end users, amaron inverter batteries are compatible with any symbol of inverters available in the marketplace, so you are never at a loss for strength. When you buy an amaron inverter battery, you enjoy a entirely hassle-free ordeal as the artillery exerts a high heat resistant calcium/ ultra modified hybrid composite for its grids which stimulates it zero-maintenance.

Amaron also offers a range of technologically advanced inverters and residence ups organisation for complete peace of mind.

  • High Heat Tolerance Capacity Makes It Perfect For Indian Weather Conditions,
  • Factory Charged, Has Highest Reserve Capacity,
  • Charging Is Easy And Happens Fast,
  • Less Prone To Lose Water And Hence Maintenance Not Needed That Often. Contains Low Lead Reserve.

3 . LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery

Luminous red freight 18000 tt description vivid towering tubular batteries have distinct patented composite piece, which protects the extend part of battery from corrosion. It has void free, outfit grain organization, which ensures consistent high quality performance. These artilleries not only charge faster, they previous much longer as well.

  • Tall tubular battery
  • Fast charging
  • Longer backup
  • Warranty: 18 substitution+ 18 pro-rata= total 36 months
  • For chasten fitment

4. Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery – 36 Month Warranty

Presenting  Latest Offering From Exide That Promises Superior Power Backup At A Fantastic Price. With Exide Battery , We Can Be Sure That There Will Be No Shortage Of Power In Your Home. Get Instant Brightness With The Best. Get Exide Instabrite. Unique Features And Superior Technology

  • 36 Months Warranty
  • Easy Maintenance: Float/ Float Guide To Indicate Electrolyte Level
  • Easy Handling/ Spill-Proof: Moulded Handles To Ensure Eeasy Handling.Top Vented Lid With Anti-Splash Patrols Fitted With Coin Flush Vent Plugs
  • Fume And Leak Resistant: Spark Arrestor Fitted In Float To Restrict Fumes And Acid During Operation. Clean Top With No Surface Leakage

5. V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery(Multicolour)

The V-Guard VT 160 batteries set perfectly in V-Guard Digital UPS to gift you an uninterrupted and continuous supply of capability to your dwelling. The backup offered by these batteries varies from three hour thirty minutes to fifty four hours, depending upon how much loading you have connected to the DUPS. The span of these artilleries is 505 mm, the width is 190 mm and the height is 415 mm. The replenished value is 54 kg and the gross force is 56 Kg. These artilleries necessary 21 litres of acid utter or make two litres. After full fee, the specific gravity of electrolyte in these artilleries becomes 1.245 0.005 Sp. Gr. Litres/ Cell.

  • The backup offered by these batteries varies from three hour thirty minutes to fifty four hours, depending upon how much consignment you have connected to the DUPS
  • VT 160 artilleries work well with other UPS
  • High Pressure( 100 rail) Casted Positive Spines -devoid of blow holes and finer grain structure
  • Most suitable and reliable in late cyclic application and higher power famine area

6 . Luminous Inverlast Talltubular Battery 145Ah/12V

the Luminous InverlastTalltubular Battery 145 Ah is made up of plastic. The inverter supporter of this battery is 150 AV. This inverter battery is suitable for ignition, stationary lotions as well as illuminating. The magnitudes of this product are 23 x 32 x 52 cm. It weighs 40 Kg. The manufacturer equips a guaranty of 42 months on this product.

  • Material: plastic & lead acid
  • Colour: grey & black
  • Item package quantity: 1
  • Warranty: 42 months

7 . Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah,2 Year Warranty

Luminous power technologies is the leading strength and dwelling electrical expert in india having a vast portfolio comprising of power back up answers such as ups, batteries and solar lotions to electrical gives such as devotees, wires, swaps and led lighting.

  • Balanced plate design for improved bill credence& excellent depth fulfill recovery
  • Inter partition connection ensures the lowest internal resistance and excellent attack acceptance
  • Protects the lead-in part of battery from corrosion, even in situations of high voltage

8 . Luminous ILTT 18048N 150Ah Tubular Battery

Inverlast Tall tubular straddle of batteries are next generation Tall Tubular battery, which are designed to withstand long and frequent supremacy trims. The eventual tall tubular artilleries especially designed with thick tubular plates are best suited for areas with frequent power strokes. These long wear batteries have 30% more Acid volume per ampere hour than regular tubular batteries. These artilleries can also withstand over charge better. Its superior aspects have acquired it the most expected UPS battery.

  • Capacity – 150 Ah
  • Technology – Tubular
  • Nominal Voltage – 12V
  • Container – Tall Tubular

9 . Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

Very low-grade maintenance: special, hybrid composite method ,, high-pitched reliability and extended, round life: ribbed free polyethylene pocket sort separator together with texturized, glass mat- doubled clothe dissociation protects the specific characteristics against internal short. Thick, slab construction with special glue formulation.

Hybrid alloy system for, withstanding high-pitched ambient operating conditions as prevailing in india ,, easy maintenance: float/ hover, guidebook to indicate electrolyte level. Bolted type terminals fitted with shroud, for easy alliance ,, occasion position of accuse, signal: occult see enables instant nation of charge without having to open, the plugs ,, clean top with no face leakage, and fumes: feature showed blueprint fitted with micro porous filter disc ,, ready for commissioning: mill, charged

  • Supports : Power Outage
  • Type : Batteries
  • Brand:Exide
  • Attractive pricing
  • Reliable performance


Luminous is one of the best battery makes in India. this Company inverters are already rocking the market; Luminous has variety of tall tubular battery prototypes designed for call with Home UPS systems.

This ILTT1 8048( 150 ah towering tubular) simulation with long assurance is most popular among users who favor reliable and branded long back up tubular artillery at economical price.

Luminous Inverlast ILTT18048 (150ah) Price range – Rs.12500 to 12800/-

Warranty: all the 3 batteries listed here have the same warranty – 3 years full replacement + 1 year prorate

Life Expectancy of ILTT18048 – 5+ years

Frequently Asked Questions

Which inverter is best for home use?

in Starting of Post we have allredy mentioned type of battery , and other much morn other thing , it’s depend on you that which type of battery you need

Top 10 Best Inverters In India 2019

  • Exide Inva Master Tubular Battery 150Ah/12V (White & Red)
  • Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery
  • LUMINOUS RC 18000 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery
  • Exide 150Ah New Instabrite Inveter Ups Battery – 36 Month Warranty
  • V-Guard VT160 150 mAh Inverter Tubular Tall Battery(Multicolour)
  • Luminous Inverlast Talltubular Battery 145Ah/12V
  • Luminous Tez Inverter Ups 150 Ah,2 Year Warranty
  • Luminous ILTT 18048N 150Ah Tubular Battery
  • Exide Inverter Plus 100Ah Battery

How long does an inverter battery last?

A battery can previous up to 15 years if no charge is taken out of it, but when you connect it with an inverter it always tends to charge it which abbreviates the life of an inverter battery, like overcharging your telephone for a very long time. Thus battery life come up to 10 years.

What is the best battery?

Rechargeable lithium battery is a best choice than alkaline. Consider high-capacity rechargeable batteries for devices that are used a good deal, such as game controllers. Rechargeable batteryof about 2k milliamp-hours or more work best.

Can inverter battery be recharged?

Yes inverter battery can be recharged 🙂

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